Little Silver Body Fat Boot Camp

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Little Silver Body Fat Boot Camp
@ Mike Duffy's Personal Training
147 Markham Place
Little Silver, NJ 07739
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About our Amazing Program

Mike Duffy's Personal Training has been servicing health minded individuals for over 14 years. During this 14 year period we have developed our famous "Body Fat Contest" that many of you have probably heard about. We have had amazing results over the years such as one of our winners losing 48.5 pounds in only 6 weeks! Another one of our clients won $4500 by losing 28 pounds in 6 weeks and taking first place in one of our Body Fat Contests. These are just two of our succes stories. To view other Body Fat Success Stories CLICK HERE.

What We Can do for YOU!

We have now taken our Body Fat Contest to a new level and develeloped our new BODY FAT BOOT CAMP. We have taken all the workouts, nutrition programs and motivation given to our personal training clients during their Body Fat Contest training and packaged it into a BODY FAT BOOT CAMP. This amazing Boot Camp will help you to lose weight, look and feel better, increase your fitness levels, increase your energy levels, sleep better, function better all while having the most fun you have had in a long time. It will take you to levels you have never believed you could achieve!

Get Personal Training Results Without Personal Training Costs!

Now you can have your own personal training program without having to pay $400, $500, $600 or more per month. Personal training can be very costly. We are aware of the recent economic situation in our country and have devised a Results Oriented program that is extremely cost effective. At a cost of only $10 to $20 per session (depending on location and program chosen) you can't afford not to enroll!  You must hurry because only a limited amount of spots are available, so sign up TODAY!